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Sis. Peace ImeReceptionist

For a long time I've been trusting God for a husband, so I joined NCG and the pastor assured me that the road will open unto me, that the wall of partition blocking me and my future husband will collapse. I eventually found a handsome guy whom I brought to meet with my pastor. He prayed and counseled us. Our finances wasn't enough to cover wedding expenses so he prayed with us again. When we were ready to go for the traditional engagement from Lagos to Enugu I met a prophet who said the road to the journey was not good that I should bring N150, 000 for spiritual works. I came back to see my pastor and told him what the prophet said. He laughed and canceled the evil prophecy in Jesus' name. Afterwards, we went to the village and returned successfully. Today we are happily married by Rev. Jesse. Praise the Lord.

Sis. EbereBusiness Woman

I was in marriage for eight years without conception. The family of my husband had met and decided to raise a new wife for my husband, that was when I rose up to tell some of my friends and how they might help me. They brought me to NCG in Ogba Lagos, I met the Senior Pastor himself who listened to my case. He prayed and anointed me to break all the yokes. I wasn't having any faith in prayer or oil any more as I have had so much oil to drink in many churches. I was persuaded to try the God of Rev. Jesse so I reluctantly agreed. After all the prayers and anointing he begged me to go to the salon to clean up my hair to attract my husband. I did. To my surprise the same December of the prayer and anointing the doctor declared I was pregnant, I didn't believe initially but I started feeling sick and finally got a confirmation from my scan report. The news stopped the decision to bring in a new wife for my husband. I gave birth to my first bouncing baby boy Francis. Today I have four children. I praise the Lord who never looked at my unfaithlessness but honoured the prayer of his holy pastor.

Sister P

I almost died during child birth due to an overgrown fibroid. The doctors treated it prior to that time but I began bleeding profusely few weeks after their treatment. But the Almighty God intervened just in the nick of time. I and my husband are forever grateful to God for sparing my life. Thank you Jesus.

Elder OgundareElder

I'm forever grateful to God Almighty because He healed me of stroke. Now I'm able to walk several miles by myself. His strength is made perfect in my weakness. To God be the glory.  Thank you Lord!.

Mrs NwankwoManager

NCG is the place to be. Ever since I joined the NCG family my life has been transformed. God kept taking me from glory to glory. I joined the College of Holiness Bible Institute and graduated gloriously. Now i can boldly say the Lord has been good to me and my house.